Monday, October 31, 2016

I Tell You.. Do As I Say Not As I Do

This election has been one of the most polarizing events in my lifetime.  In fact, I have seen friends get to heated over this election cycle, that they have unfriended friends and family members over who they are supporting.   Now I don't want to talk about either of the candidates.  Neither is perfect, both have flaws, as do we all.  What I want to focus on is the behavior of many brothers and sisters in Christ this election cycle.

This election, I've seen Christians share, post, say, and do things I would have never thought I would see.  I have seen Christians do and treat others in ways, they would never raise their children.  Now you might say well, I see the other side doing the same thing, and in part perhaps.  The difference, those on the other side, are not shouting at the same time to be self-proclaimed evangelical Christians.

Never before have I seen such hatred for one candidate ignite and fuel a community which basis their faith on treating others as they wish to be treated, showing compassion and a light into a dark world. As someone who studied Theology, I am intrigued to see behaviors so backwards to a teaching held near and dear, yet be so accepted toward someone running for the highest office in the land.

Shared from a Christian friends Facebook page
Growing up, I witnessed Christians holding each other accountable for acts that went against Christian beliefs in the church.  I was taught that Christians were to act in such a way that those who do not believe see something different in us, and seek out why. I do not have any issue with someone standing for what they believe is right. My point is the way we go about that. We forget others are watching... and those others include non-believers.  This election has showcased why more and more younger Americans are turning against the church. In fact an article out just this weekend highlights how more young folks connect with Marx than the Bible.  This scares me, but do I blame them?  As a Christian, I am ashamed of seeing some the rhetoric and hateful things Christians are saying against someone running for President.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no issues with someone who is passionate about who they believe the right person to lead this country.  I too, have found myself involved in this election cycle much more than in the past.  And I too, believe one of the two candidates could do more harm to this country than good.   There is a difference in believing passionately about something, having an educated debate, and those that are spewing hate, including calling some horrific names, and even suggesting the idea of killing one of the candidates.

Where have we gone when this type of behavior is acceptable in the church?  Where are we as a community, where we insist this country was founded on Christian/Judaic values have gotten this far into the gutter because we dislike a candidate so much.  How is it this behavior that we call out as "radical" in other faiths is somehow acceptable in ours?  Have we gotten so closed minded in our thinking that we cannot even put ourselves in someone else's shoes

Have we forgotten the Greatest Commandment?  Have we forgotten how to be that light shining showing a difference in us? Have we forgotten as followers of Christ, God is in control?  I truly hope as this election comes to a close, we all can take a very hard look at ourselves.  Are we adding anything insightful? Are we encouraging a civil debate, or are we just fueling the fire with more hatred.  I ask you, is this the type of behaviors you want your children to mimic or see as acceptable in our future generations.  If so, truly only God can help us.  I for one, do not want others who look at me to think this is how Christians act... I want them to see something better in me than this.

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