Thursday, September 10, 2015

We Need to Get Back To The Greatest Commandment

It seems anymore that each week brings a new issue in this country that has folks choosing sides. This past week, once again, gay marriage and religious freedom has become that issue.  I have seen posts on both sides of the issue, debating and supporting Kim Davis, the clerk in Kentucky, stating her moral beliefs out weigh the oath she took.  

Now I think this debate is much more about religious freedom, rather than gay marriage, and that's where I want to keep my focus.  If we take the issue at hand, we need to look at a few things.  

  • Does someone who holds public office, and takes an oath to uphold the laws of the land still have the right to claim religious freedom?
  • Does the States rights, law or the State, outweigh federal law and ruling?
  • Finally, would those up in arms, be supporting the clerk the same way if her faith was different and her belief prevented her from performing a different part of her duties?
So lets take a closer look at these, beginning with the first bullet.  If we allow Kim Davis, to claim religious freedom, on this issue, whats stops someone from claiming religious freedom and not allowing women to vote if they believe women should be seen or heard?  What would be next, someone who is vegetarian or vegan, refusing to sell hunting or fishing licenses because it goes against their beliefs?  We all have choices in life. Most of us have been faced in life and career in doing things we don't want to.   We make choices, to either concede and do the job, or move on.  I think if we take the topic out and just let the reasoning stand on its own, its obvious that this is similar.   

On the second bullet, we are a land of state rights, but we are also one land.  Yes states have the rights to govern themselves, and determine what is best for those living there..  We are however a country where movements have changed the laws of our nation until a ruling federally and laws at the national level become the law of the land.  We have seen this before, with equal right issues, abortion, and women's right to vote as just a couple examples.  We have now seen that with gay marriage.  Some will also state though, that the court mandated this decision and it's not a law.  These same folks claiming this, need to review the book, they quote claiming gay marriage goes against their teachings.  Please review Deuteronomy 17:10 which states that His people need to respect and follow the decisions of the judge in the land that God chooses them to be.  This country is also governed by the Constitution, not the Bible.  We are made up of a land of individuals and our government reflects our eclectic makeup.   Lastly, if you still believe this decision was made by the courts and not the people its time to except public polls on this issue. if a public vote happened today, the majority of people in this country now supports this equality issue. 

Lastly, lets examine those standing with Kim Davis, claiming this is Christian persecution.  I keep wondering if I would see these same Christian Leaders standing next to Ms. Davis if she was of a different faith, and was not fulfilling her job duties based on her religious beliefs of that faith?    From little things, like arguing over  Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, we have heard comments and complaints from Christian leaders constantly who are saying Christians are being persecuted in this country today.  Now, I consider myself a Christian and a follower of Christ, but I also find it hypocritical, that every time we run into someone who believes differently than we do as a faith, we claim we are persecuted.  The great thing about this wonderful country we live in, is that we are able to freely choose and live our lives the way we choose.  People do things all the time that I may not agree with, however, if they are not doing harm to others, what concern is it to me how they live their lives?  Need I remind you this country was built out of the belief of live and let live. Somehow those who have risen to be the leaders in the Christian faith, have become some of the most hypocritical people I can think of.  Anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints or teachings is persecuting them.  They seem to forget, Jesus himself  called out the priests for their hypocrisy. Christ also taught us that we cannot judge non believers by the same standards as believers.  We are to live in a way that shows His love through us.   How have we gotten to the point where we damn everyone who lives a different lifestyle?  This is not the faith I was raised in, and it saddens me so many seem to believe this is the only way to be Christian.  Need I remind you, Christianity is losing ground tremendously in this country to other faiths or those who choose no faith at all.. No wonder when we all we do is judge instead of showing love. 

We need to start living by the teachings we claim to hold as truth, and realize only one Supreme Being has the right to judge us and others in how they live their lives.  We need to start showing love, compassion, and understanding toward folks who believe differently.. We need to start loving our neighbor as we love ourselves... After all , isn't that the greatest commandment?